We have an idea that we Indians can do something, and amongst the Indians we Bengalis may laugh at this idea; but I do not. My mission in life is to rouse a struggle in you. Whether you are an Advaitin, whether you are a qualified monist or dualist, it does not matter much. ButContinue reading “INDIA DIES NOT”

Mahatma Gandhi, Letter To American Friends, August 3, 1942

Dear friends, As I am supposed to be the spirit behind the much discussed and equally well abused resolution of the Working Committee of the Indian National Congress on independence, it has become necessary for me to explain my position. For I am not unknown to you. I have in America perhaps the largest numberContinue reading “Mahatma Gandhi, Letter To American Friends, August 3, 1942”

Love Songs for the Prince Of Peace

I. Prelude: the Search Your smile is warming and knowing; It traps me like magnolias writhing against a garden gate. You lure me, in your promise of love lingering, the greatness of love. For you, the marshland sings with frogs, Turning a sharp green at the last wane of dusk, all quietly beckoning the truthContinue reading “Love Songs for the Prince Of Peace”

Dil Ghoom Ghoom Kare- Bhupen Hazarika

My heart pants and gasps, it is terrified. Clouds beat and thunder, petrified. Like a raindrop, a drop of tear sometimes bursts from my eyes. As I open your sack all leaves had dried. Soon you touched me, my dried twigs revived. The body which you touched, should I hide it? The mind which youContinue reading “Dil Ghoom Ghoom Kare- Bhupen Hazarika”

Fragment: Shamal Bhatt (1718-1765)

For a bowl of water give a goody meal;  For a kindly greeting bow thou down with zeal;  For a simple penny pay thou back with gold;  If thy life be rescued, life do not withhold.  Thus the words and actions of the wise regard;  Every little service tenfold they reward.  But the truly nobleContinue reading “Fragment: Shamal Bhatt (1718-1765)”

Gandhiji on the Atom Bomb and Nuclear War

It has been suggested by American friends that the atom bomb will bring in Ahimsa (non-violence) as nothing else can. It will, if it is meant that its destructive power will so disgust the world that it will turn it away from violence for the time being. This is very like a man glutting himselfContinue reading “Gandhiji on the Atom Bomb and Nuclear War”

The Patriot by Rabindranath Tagore

“He’s a sweeper!” She said decisively. Then she called to the chauffeur, ‘Gangadin, drive on’.

I was defeated. It was my cowardice.

Nayanmohan, I am told, brought out some very profound sociological arguments, at the tea-table, specially dealing with the inevitable inequality imposed upon men by their profession and the natural humiliation which is inherent in the scheme of things. But his words did not reach my ears, and I sat silent all through the evening.