1. Come sing with me and I will sing you a song of the greatest lie, most heartbreaking.

2. In the Garden of Gethsamane, my sweet Lord spoke precious litanies, there I held your head in my lap’s cradle, its shallow grave.

3. fear is not a virtue of the weak, my love, but the simmering somnambulance of those who know not they are free.

4. In you lies freedom’s key. You who walked with the Buddha and the Christ,

5. you who spake the truth that both Al-Koran and Bible be holy:

6. will you reveal that which we cannot see?

7. Evermore shall I slumber with you in the night heavens,

8. Remember now, amidst the sliver of moon and sounds of the night

9. muttering, like a witch’s whisper in her wake.

10. As softly do I tread your heart’s private chambers

11. as dearly does it break.

12. Meantime a cry escapes me;

13. my gossamer gown slips across the dark corridor;

14. As shadow danced against form in the evening firelight, in a flickering pas de deux.

15. Now tell me: haven’t you found that silence is naught but the length of the time lost between lovers,

16. the long ponderances and grand epistles

17. authored in love’s mighty castles, buried in its erstwhile graves?

18. jokers, knights, and knaves are we all, jointly bonded in love’s velvet cave

19. sleeping perchance to dream, dreaming perchance to awaken

20. And so, you lovers, love on, knowing that you live to die again,

21. for as the soul remains soul, love can neither slay nor be slain.

22. Brisk is the breeze and tender is the night and me in a borrowed veil,

23. I’ll await you in the garden with my crown of thorns and roses, my love,

24. I know our love was not in vain.

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