Trip Itinerary, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Pilgrimage to India | Feb 9 – March 10

Trip Itinerary_Kings in India.png

February 9: King arrives in Bombay

February 10: New Delhi
• Arrival at Palam Airport
• Welcomed by G. Ramachandran and Sucheta Kripalani
• Press conference at the Janpath Hotel
• Luncheon with Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
• Reception at the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi
• Tea with Dr. Radhakrishnan/Conversation with Vice-President
• Reception at the Quaker Centre
• Students, diplomats, prominent people
• Dinner with Prime Minister Nehru
• Included Lady Mountbatten
February 11: New Delhi
• Laid a wreath on the Samadhi at Rajghat (cremation site and memorial
dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi)
• Lunch with Sucheta and Acharya Kripalani at their home
• Coretta King was at tea with Shri Jairamdas Daulatram
• Public meeting at Sapru House
• King’s first major address in India
• Dinner with Morarji Desai, Union Finance Minister
• Including Sushila Nayyar and U.N. Dhebar
• Discussion of Gandhian principles
February 12: New Delhi
• Visit to the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi
• Discussion with Ramachandra about Gandhi etc.
• Luncheon with Kaka Kalelkar
• Open meeting with students at Ramjas College by Delhi University
• Tea with Dr. Rajendra Pras at the Rashtrapati Bhavan
• Met with Sarvodaya workers at the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi/Coretta
talked to African Students assembled at the Quaker Centre
February 13: Patna
• Early flight for Patna
• Address to student gathering at the University
• Train ride to Gaya (w/ Jayaprakash Narayan)
• Jeep ride to reach J.P.’s Ashram

February 14: Gaya
• Visit to the Bhoodi Buddhist monastery and the historical Buddhist
temple at Budh Gaya
• Visited small Ashram, established by Vinoba Bhave
• Jeep ride to reach J.P.’s Ashram

February 15: Shantiniketan
• Drove to Shantiniketan in a truck
• Spoke at a gathering in the afternoon
• Left for Calcutta

February 16: Calcutta
• Interview with individuals who were close to Gandhi and involved in the
Indian Independence Movement
• Came to the hotel
• Press conference at the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi offices
• Open meeting
• Dinner with Ben and Emily Polk, Calcutta Quakers
• 25 of Calcutta’s leaders in the field of social interests and
concerns (including Nirmal Kumar Bose)

February 17: Calcutta
• Student meeting
• Meeting with labour union leaders over tea
• Public meeting
• Coretta was taken to the All India Radio studios to hear some Indian

February 18: Madras
• Meeting with students
• Public meeting (best meetings)
• Raj Bhavan accommodations – Governor House

February 19: Madras
• Visit to Rajagopalachari and Mahabalipuram
• N.E.S blocks for community development
• Tea with Joint Development Commissioner of Madras State
February 20: Gandhigram
• Made a devotional message at the end of the Gandhigram prayers
• Major address by King translated for audience
• Music entertainment by people at Gandhigram and an evening meal
February 21: Madurai and Gramdan Villages
• Visited 3 villages
• 1st Gramdan village
o Engaged in long and instructive discussion
o N.E.S. Block workers were providing technical skill and help
• 2nd Gramdan village
o Guests for lunch
• Harijan village
• Madurai
o Saw the ancient Hindu temple
o Public meeting at the new gandhi smarak nidhi museum

February 22: Trivandrum
• Royal welcome when plane landed at the Trivandrum airport
• Luncheon with Mr. Namboodiripad, chief minister of Kerala
o 1st woman to be appointed as a High Court Judge in India
• Travels Cape Comorin, where some of Gandhi’s ashes had been cast into the sea.
o Sufficient number of crowds gathered
• Gandhi Shrine

February 23: Trivandrum
• Attended the legislative assembly for a short time at the end of the
• Full afternoon of
o Personal interviews
o Good press conference
o Tea with Governor
o Public meeting at night

February 24: Bangalore
• Visit in the home of the Chief Minister of the Mysore State
• 2 Bangalore factories
• Institute of World Culture
February 25: Bangalore
February 26: Bangalore (Arrival in Bombay at 6pm)
• King meets with Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar, the governor of Mysore,
• All-India Cattle Show

February 27: Bombay
• Garden of Shantilal Shah home
• Public meeting at Green’s hotel

February 28: Bombay
• Early morning meeting
• King saw the Voice of India film
• Interview with the governor of bombay/Mr. Diwakar
o Discussion of nonviolence and reliance
• Chief Minister of Bombay state
• Luncheon with younger members of Congress party
• Press conference
• Met with African students of Bombay

March 1-3: Sabarmati Ashram
• Sabarmati Ashram (starting point of Gandhi’s Salt March to the Sea)
• All-India Shanti Sena Conference was being held at a small village
o Mid-way between Ajmer and Kishangarh
o Met with Vinoba Bhave
• Lunch with Jayaprakash Narayan
o Coretta and King returned to Kishangarh

March 3
• King joins Vinoba on a three mile march back to Kishingarh.
• King interviews Vinoba
• additional meeting with Vinoba in the evening

March 4: Agra
• Taj Mahal
• Punjab Mail

March 5: Delhi
• King spends his day at the Quaker Center before attending a South
Indian circus in New Delhi

March 6: Delhi
• Dinner at the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi as guests of G. Ramachandran

March 7: Delhi
• Nidhi
• Quaker Center
• Farewell reception by the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi
• Musical recital in Ramachandran’s home
• R. R. Diwakar presided at the reception
• Coretta provided a beautiful ritual
• Luncheon at Rajkumari Amrit Kaur’s beautiful home
• Returns to the circus
• Visit Sushila Nayar, Gandhi’s doctor’s, house
• Pyarelal Nayyar
o Meeting with people who had known Gandhi

March 8: Delhi
March 9: Delhi
• Press conference held at the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi
o Press conference with the following statement
• Evening: Home of Acharya Kripalani (Dinner)

March 10: Delhi
• Early departure from the airport

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