Ramadan Mubarak: Blessed are the Peacemakers

The season of Ramadan being upon the world, I turned to the first sura of the Qu’ran, which warns the seeker of peace of those who would misguide us from our destined path, a path which must be none other than peace, for to say otherwise is to deny the very existence of Allah, who represents the transcendence of human strife, the very pinnacle of peace to which all believers must necessarily gravitate, out of faith and goodwill in the common progress of humanity.

I was reminded of this verse when I began to think about Paul Robeson and W.E.B Du Bois, two beautiful examples of human being-in-the-world whose contributions remind us that to overcome that which confronts us, we must act in principled unity against the forces that prevail in our times, for they represent the antithesis of all that humanity has called civilization. What would it mean to contend on a strict political platform for a social program that would bear fruit to the freedom of humanity from the brutal consequences of white empire, here in the heart of it all?

In the spirit of sacrifice (qurban) demanded by the time of Ramadan, let us continue to struggle for our new Jerusalem.

With faith may we strive. As-Salaam-Alaikum. May peace be upon us all.

In the name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful/ Praise Be To Allah, Lord of the Worlds /…/ Guide us to the straight path / the path of those You have blessed, not those who are misguided.

1.1-1.7, The Holy Qu’ran.

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